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Apply to be part of the next Carnival of Carnage show

Carnival of Carnage Fucking Nerds
Professional or Amateur?

Thanks for applying!

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in performing in the Carnival of Carnage Show! Applications are now open, and will close midnight Sunday 17th March 2023. 


Carnival of Carnage will be held in the evening of Friday 26th April 2023 in 18 Candleriggs Glasgow (formally known as Wild Cabaret). As with all previous shows we expect this will be another sold out show, so make sure to get your friends and family tickets early to avoid disappointment.

The theme of this Carnival of Carnage show will be 'Fu*king Nerds' and performers are asked to create a routine that fits in with the Nerdy/Geeky theme. Any style, music choice or equipment is welcome, so have a think about what you would like to create when you are performing that would wow an audience and show off your own style in this Nerdy/Geeky event. We will try and ensure acts are picked fairly based on their theme suiting the show. Open to ALL genders.

This show will be run with 5 professional performer slots, and 5 amateur performer slots. 

Professional or Amateur?

We consider professional performers people that are paid regularly to perform, are seasoned within their field and have a show reel/previous performances to show off their work. They will be paid whatever their performance fee is, and will have to provide evidence of their strong performance work. 

We consider amateur performers to be people that have never been paid to perform and are not interested in pursuing a professional path (perfect for regular competitors that don't want to move into the professional category but still want to perform on stage for fun). They will not be paid a performance fee, but will have a seat to watch the show, a video of their performance and professional pictures provided. 

Please have your application form submitted by midnight of Sunday 17th March, successful applications will be announced by 31st March. 

All performers can watch the show when you are not performing from a designated area. You will also receive a video of your performance, professional pictures and Carnage Merch/Goodie Bag. 

Please try and get as many people as you can to come and support this incredible show, the bigger the audience, the bigger support for you and the fellow performers. Due to the nature of the acts performing and comedy style we ask that all participants are over the age of 18. Tickets are on sale now.

You MUST be able to perform your act confidently and safely. We have a rig point for aerial, but not huge height around 4m. We have 1 pole, this can be on static or spin. You can choose any floor based act as well. Just stick to the Geeky/Nerdy theme.

Upon submitting your completed application form, you and all named participants are agreeing to all of the terms on this form. If you are applying as a double/group please send in only one application form. It is the responsibility of the lead applicant to relay all information to the rest of the group.

There is a small application form fee of £5 to be paid when applying. This covers staff reviewing application forms, watching videos and completing administrative tasks in the processing of forms submitted. Thank you for understanding and supporting Carnage Events. 

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